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DISCLAIMER: WCS currently is in early development. While it’s off to a very promising start, and I would love to make it happen, still the game might never get released.

If you like what you see so far and would like to support further development, there are various options to do so:

Spread the word!

First and foremost: please tell everybody about WEBCUP SOCCER. Use the #webcup_soccer hashtag, link to and follow me on @schleinzer_com.

Wishlist on Steam

“Wishlisting” on Steam helps games a lot to gain exposure. So, please, if you are a Steam user, go head and whishlist WCS on its Steam page.

Buy Natural Soccer

WEBCUP SOCCER basically is a rather complete rewrite of Natural Soccer, with online play at its core. If you want to support development of WCS and get your hands on an already released arcade soccer game (no online play), buying Natural Soccer for Windows or Android would be the perfect option!

Support me on Patreon

To support development of WCS - or my work in general - you are more than welcome to visit my Patreon page.

Buy me a ko-fi

Buying me a “coffe” on my ko-fi page is a quick and easy way to support me.


Support me using PayPal.


You may also use the link to order stuff from Amazon - I get a small commission, your price does not change!